Nylon Magazine: How To Come Up With Realistic 2018 Goals (And Stick To Them)

Sometimes the intentions and goals that come from our heart might seem, well, impossible, but these are the ones that we need to be listening to. As television host and conscious lifestyle expert Alyson Charles (aka RockStar Shaman) explains, the resolutions and goals we create from our hearts may seem unrealistic to the human mind or logic, “but they’re actually the most realistic because our soul’s truth is where they’re being conjured from, and when you’re tapping into your unique truth, power, and wisdom, that’s the key to all of life and in the key to creating resolutions as well.” The sky’s the limit!

“The reason some resolutions may have seemed hard in the past is because you created them from your mind, you maybe created a resolution that you think you ‘should’ accomplish because it was looking good on paper or on your social media feed,” she goes on to explain. “But deep down inside, your soul didn’t really want that. You maybe created a resolution that would make your parents happy or your husband happy, but it isn’t your truth. Those are the hard resolutions that don’t stick, and they don’t stick because it’s not your soul song.”

Alyson Charles