Alyson is an empowered female leader who walks her talk and most importantly, inspires and uplifts other women to do the same.
— Sahara Rose, Best-selling author of The Idiots Guide to Ayurveda and Host of Highest Self Podcast
Alyson Charles is insightful, powerful and has a beautiful way of making consciousness more accessible.
— Quddus, Co-Founder of Camera Ready
Alyson’s unique combination of superpowers within both subtle and material worlds is unparalleled. Lucky for us, she uses it to help her PR clients remove inner obstacles to being seen on a Cosmic Level, and combines it with her expert knowledge of the media world to make it all happen in the Earth realm. I’ve had a chance to experience both parts of this work, and all I can say is... WOW!
— Ksenia Avdulova, @wokeandwired and @breakfastciminals
At first you’ll notice Alyson’s unbelievably beaming smile. And then you’ll quickly realize it’s the reflection of her unstoppable positive energy. She is so committed to personal growth and sharing the healing, wisdom and betterment she has gained through her experiences and curiosity about this world.
— Dan Katz, Director
The first day that I met her I was in awe! Her energy, passion & positivity just poured out of her & has made her into the beautiful person you see today. She is so driven that she will have the drive for you as well. She is awe-inspiring!
— Sara Norgeot, Former University of Alabama Teammate & Director of Fitness, Bay Club
Aly is unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. Her energy and enthusiasm are absolutely contagious. She makes you feel like a better person for just knowing her. If she can make a believer out of me, she will no doubt to the same for you.
— Emily Smolar-Anziano, Emmy Award-Winning Producer
Alyson Charles is a creative genius and a spontaneous explorer diving into the human psyche to discover what makes us tick on a soul level. With her wit and charm, coupled with shamanic power and knowledge of pop culture, she masterfully merges the worlds of intellect and spirit with grace and beauty.
— Shaman Durek, Third generation Shaman, Host of Ancient Wisdom Today
Alyson Charles is a true powerhouse! Walking her path with courage, integrity and grace, she meets both the light and dark in herself and the world with an open, humble heart and cultivates deep, potent medicine and magic. At a time when Earth is calling us to awaken and activate, this sister is not only heeding her own call, but showing up to be of service for us all. We are sincerely blessed she is here.
— Natavi Orion, Artist and Earth Warrior
To describe Alyson Charles as inspiring, transformative and a joy would be an epic understatement. Engaging, caring, and intelligent, with an uncanny knack of making the mystical accessible, she is a total transformative spirit with true power to catalyze change: in your life, your space, your mind, and soul. She is a true goddess on all levels!
— Lianna Sugarman, CEO and Founder
There isn’t room to fully explain the depth of Alyson’s heart, mind & soul. Her thoughts and feelings are always honest and forthcoming. I admire her strength, and there isn’t anything her mind couldn’t overcome. Focused, determined, loyal, and compassionate are just a few key words I would use to describe her, but my favorite one of all is friend. I trust her with all that I have.
— Nicole Carmichael, Entrepreneur, Mom & Wife