CBS: Luxury Salt Rooms Offer Numerous Wellness Benefits

The new salt rooms have become a luxury destination. Heath claims for halotherapy include improving skin conditions and respiratory issues, and they are said to be ultimate in relaxing and recharging.

“You walk out of here and you’re like, ‘Yes! Yes!’ So it’s really empowering and liberating,” said conscious lifestyle expert Alyson Charles.

Charles leads a shaman-style class in this salt room at breathe in Murray Hill.

Client Kathleen McNally said she always sleeps better after a session in the salt room.

“It’s the total experience,” McNally said. “It’s not clinical at all. It’s very spiritual and soothing.”

But luxury aside, wellness benefits are still anecdotal. Dr. Houman Danesh says clients should not replace medical treatments with halotherapy, but agrees there may be some benefit.

“There is a component to being relaxed and improving your immune system, which will then help a variety of ailments, but there is no direct clinical evidence to support it,” Danesh said.

Alyson Charles