Well + Good *Exclusive*: The world’s most intentional breakfast bowls

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 3.03.38 PM.png

Smoothie bowls are one of the most productive and mood-boosting ways to start your day. Not only are you filling up on nutritious, hearty ingredients, but you’re also constructing the bowl, which allows you to express your artistic side and post a double-tap-worthy Instagram. Through her digital platform Breakfast CriminalsKsenia Avdulova inconspicuously became an Instagram omnipresence, thanks in large part to her signature heart-shaped bowl and tasty smoothie recipes. Today, Breakfast Criminals expands its bowl-print with the release of the extremely limited-edition heart bowls. Only five are available—they’re $175 each, and come with an activated crystal and palo santo incense stick.

The new bowls aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, though. Avdulova (pictured right), who regarded her first bowl as a reminder to start her day with love, spiritually took things up a notch with this update. Shaman and conscious lifestyle expert Alyson Charles, AKA @rockstarshaman, (pictured left) blessed the the new bowls (you can watch outtakes of the ceremony on Instagram), which Brooklyn-based artist Lisa Harper Kennedy made by hand.

The ceremony infused “the world’s most intentional breakfast bowls” with divine activations and energies, ultimately making them “a symbol of self-care and mindful nourishment,” Avdulova and Breakfast Criminals told me via email.

Alyson Charles