Your December energy forecast: get ready for a big love bomb


According to “RockStar Shaman” Alyson Charles, we’ll be saying goodbye to the tumultuous year of 2018 in a decidedly drama-free way. In fact, the potential for healing and love is huge. How to make that happen? Check out her full cosmic divination for December, including the spirit animals to support you this month. 

We are officially entering into the last month in our calendar year! Was this not the fastest year you’ve ever experienced? We are really beginning to see and feel, on much truer and deeper levels, how powerful we are and who we are in our fullest expression. Even as you read this now, feel into who you are in your truth. When you let yourself see who you really are, what reveals itself?

And let’s remember, until we allow ourselves to really receive in and see our greatness, others will not be able to fully see it, either.  If greater respect and honor is what you have been yearning to experience in relationships, and you’ve really wanted to be seen in all your depths, ask yourself if you have let yourself really see how magnificent, potent, and powerful you are and remember that it all begins within.

This month’s theme of forgiveness will bring massive energetic medicine to your life and the planet.

November brought us opportunities to grow in compassion, non-judgment, and unconditional love. Perhaps this opportunity came through a challenging human experience, but if you allowed yourself to keep your heart open and feel your way through all the layers, you most likely expanded your ability to be empathetic and compassionate to others.

December brings a few main pillars to work with, and the first is building upon compassion.  This month’s theme of forgiveness will bring massive energetic medicine to your life and the planet. In the Incan wisdom traditions, it is believed that the act of forgiveness is one of the most transformational, as it not only shifts your brain but shifts you spiritually as well. Forgiveness is a true act of alchemy since it is fully your choice to exercise love.

Other ways of loving are easier, but to forgive is a decision you consciously make in having love or compassion for a person or situation that may be very difficult. If you are looking to do something to really serve the planet this month, please heed this message to forgive. Sit in meditation and inwardly ask yourself,

Alyson Charles