Your January energy forecast: there's a *major* paradigm shift ahead


January’s cosmic divinations from “RockStar Shaman” Alyson Charles set the stage for a new year—and what a year it promises to be. Here’s her full report on what she sees for the month ahead, energetically speaking, as well as the spirit animals to support you in January and throughout 2019. 

And so it begins, dharma-fulfilling 2019! It’s a year that has the potential to bring manifested lifelong visions and desires and foundational changes, while you are truly living your soul mission and purpose. As we come off a most-potent month of December—a fitting end to a year that held wild transformation, transmutation, healing, and release—we now enter into a time that holds within it energetic medicines that will provide experiences, feelings, and connections that our souls have most likely never experienced before, yet we are deeply ready for.

These experiences will take us to levels of love, soul fulfillment, and depth—as well as connection with ourselves, all aspects of the planet and other humans—that is more heart-led, uniquely inspiring, authentic, and more grounded than ever before.

So, what will take us there? Various elements of fire, including the magnificent power and medicine of the sun, revealed to me as a key ingredient in infusing the spiritual essences needed for us to be in our full power. The first element of fire we will explore is lava—the fire we’ve felt alchemizing inside of us and building over the past year, bringing inspiration and ideas, will now become more 

Alyson Charles