Your November energy forecast: get ready to feel a powerful new life force


If you’ve felt like a snake shedding its skin for most of 2018, you’ve got a major boost coming this month, says “RockStar Shaman” Alyson Charles. There’s a new era starting—here’s what you need to know, plus the spirit animal that can help you usher it in. 

As we turn the corner to enter the tail end of 2018, can you sense what a trippy, time-warp year this has been? When accessing in to the guidance for this month’s forecast, I was directed to go back to the forecast for January 2018 to reflect, and that process brought huge swells of emotions to my eyes.

January’s forecast revealed that this would be the year of the snake, of shedding our old skin and old patterns to birth a new way of life. And wow, can you take a moment now to really honor yourself for all the evolution (and some total 180s) you’ve courageously experienced this year?

January asked if we were ready to “shed to rise, release to uplift, and liberate to higher energy,” and that work is all paying off now as we enter November. It promises to be a month of much-needed balance after so much change and upheaval—as well as a month of softening, especially in areas where we used to constrict or worry.

Along with the balancing and softening, November is bringing with it a sense of beginning to land again—we’ve been birthing into so much new, getting to know our deepest soul truths and purposes, that coming back into some sense of groundedness, more stability, and clarity could feel like a very welcome relief to you.

Aromatherapy is another powerful aspect for November. Pay extra loving attention to your sense of smell. Better understanding the healing properties that go along with different scents will really bring an added layer of peace and confidence. Try using an essential oil diffuser and experiment with grounding scents like vetiver, uplifting and energizing scents (like lemon, orange, or peppermint), or scents that help you go within (like lavender or cinnamon). You can learn more about working with these plant medicines in essential oil form and which scents are best suited for you here and here!

Alyson Charles