Soul Reboot Episode 11 with Two of My Personal Spiritual Teachers and Dear Friends - Indigenous Wisdom Keepers Vivien Vilela & Oscar Matzua of ANIWA

Soul Reboot is a talk show hosted by Spiritual Teacher and Speaker Alyson Charles. Each episode explores awakening and defining moments with some of the most honest, powerful and epic humans on the planet. What cracked them open to their truth? What do they do to keep receiving in their dreams, manifesting their visions? How do they keep expanding into their fullest power, purpose and expression? It's all explored on Soul Reboot.

Episode 11 dives into "Walking the Shamanic Path with Indigenous Cultures with Spiritual Teachers Vivien Vilela and Oscar Matzuwa. Learn:

~ What took Vivien from very successful model in Brazil to her path in becoming a Maracame (master shaman)

~ What lead Oscar to being a pilgrim of the Wirikuta Desert in Mexico for 16 years

~ Some of the sacred oaths they've taken and what plant medicines they work with in their devotion to their callings

~ Stories of some of the biggest steps they've taken with the initiations and oaths in their spiritual work

~ The ritual Vivien says is one of her favorites for purifying your mind, body, spirit and soul and releasing trauma and old energy

~ One of the most mind-blowing visions Oscar experienced while working with the sacred spirit of the plant hirikuri (peyote) while in the Wirikuta Desert

~ How Ayahuasca showed them the path of their sacred union as a couple

~ ANIWA! The non-profit gathering happening June 5-9 just outside of NYC with 40 of the worlds most powerful indigenous leaders uniting in one place to share their rituals + teachings with us! And how you can join!

~ Why ANIWA was the most powerful spiritual initiation Vivien has ever experienced

~ How you can best support indigenous cultures

To attend ANIWA: go to (use code ALYSON15 for 15% off your tickets)

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Photographer: Raven Adams

Alyson Charles