Soul Reboot Episode 10 with Artist & CEO and Founder of MUD\WTR Shane Heath

Soul Reboot is a talk show hosted by Spiritual Teacher and Speaker Alyson Charles. Each episode explores awakening and defining moments with some of the most raw, honest and epic humans on the planet. What cracked them open to their truth? What do they do to keep receiving in their dreams, manifesting their visions? How do they keep expanding into their fullest power, purpose and expression? It's all explored on Soul Reboot.

Episode 10 dives into "No MUD, No Lotus: the art of trusting an unexpected calling” with MUD\WTR Founder and CEO and artist Shane Heath. Learn:

~ How art was his first gateway into connecting with Universe and higher consciousness energies

~ Why he left a super successful job in Silicon Valley to head to Goa, India

~ How the thing he was to bring to the world was right under his nose, but it took a plant medicine ceremony to finally reveal the truths to him

~ What MUD\WTR is! And how it can finally be the key to you clearing your coffee addiction

~ How he is revolutionizing company culture / why he feels it vital to bring practices like fasting, breathwork and meditation into the work space for everyone on the team

~ What's next for the company! We get a first look at their next healthy, high-vibe products

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Alyson Charles