Thrive Global: Top Limit-Breaking Female Founder!

Alyson Charles RockStar Shaman Headshot3.JPG

Who She Is and How She Has Overcome Limitations:

“Internationally renowned Television Host, Speaker and Conscious Lifestyle Expert, Alyson Charles aka RockStar Shaman went from being a national champion athlete, #1-rated radio host and national daytime television talk show host to aligning with her calling as a shaman after a traumatic moment provided her awakening.

Since then, her ability to share ancient sacred wisdom and divine energy and be a powerful catalyst for change has ignited a global phenomenon, with Oprah Magazine naming her a “”Top Meditation,”” Forbes naming her “One of the Reasons Practical Magic is the New Frontier of Mindfulness” and Marie Claire Magazine selecting her as the cover story and her work being featured as “”The Next Big Thing.”

Alyson is also resident energy guru for “”Best Health Site”” Well and Good Magazine, providing a monthly energy forecast, she shares guidance, tips and journeys on Amazon’s award-winning smart home technology, Alexa and through her work as a TV and radio host, she’s brought meditation and sacred ritual to the mainstream in a powerfully creative way.

Alyson has pioneered merging the worlds of consciousness and media, taking it to places it has never been before: she made history becoming the first person to ever perform on stage in the 25-year-history of the HBO Film Festival, where she guided a meditation for over 10,000 people and regularly partners and collaborates with renowned global brands like The New York Times, The Four Seasons, HBO, National Geographic Channel, Tory Burch, Forbes, Art Basel, SAKS, ABC Radio, ELLE, SELF and others.

Alyson’s entire life path, since birth, has been immersed in one facet of healthy, awakened living to the next, she has shaken loose from self-imposed limitations, shares her mastery of the art of playing big in full authentic glory and her story of going from suffering to salvation to service. Her commitment to courageously exploring the ever-evolving highest potential and assisting countless people in reconnecting to their power has landed her as the leading global voice and conscious lifestyle expert.

Here are the most important lessons I’ve learned from my experiences:

1) That we are here during the most powerful time on the planet, a time of massive global shifting and rising of consciousness and more and more people, each day, are allowing themselves to wake up and in that process of waking up they are courageously seeing, most likely for the first time, aspects about themselves needed to be seen, felt and tended to so they can connect to their authentic power and truth. The planet is undergoing the same thing — shadow aspects rising to the surface (the biggest key in returning to love, compassion, wholeness and true power) and as each one of us tends to ourselves- bravely traversing our inner landscapes and exploring our ever-evolving highest potential — we are assisting in the light growing for the planet. It is a time of uprising and unity. We want to connect, we want to love and it begins inside of us. We must trust in the process and the positive ripple effect of what happens when we let ourselves see truth and walk through the fires of transformation.

2) That aligning with your authentic truth, no matter how shocking/surprising that truth might be, even to yourself, is the greatest gift you can embody and experience because doing so means you are allowing wholeness, acceptance and pure trust. The process of becoming who you truly are can be the wildest ride you’ll ever take — you’ll see the limits you’ve placed upon yourself out of fear of your massive power and light, you’ll face vulnerabilities you didn’t know were there, aspects of yourself that have kept you playing small will reveal in scary ways and you will most times walk in a pathless land filled with unknowns, guided only by messages from unseen realms and trust. But each step, each breath on this path of authenticity and power is why you are here and your soul recognizes this and if you allow it to show you the way — you will partake in experiences that will bring you miracles beyond your wildest imagination.

3) That being a leader & ground-breaker means you will trigger people, you will not be liked by everyone. You are a paradigm-shifter and planet expander, so knowing your truth and walking in that truth will at times be your only salvation. Knowing you are doing what you came here to do, following internal guidance and directions from Universe and letting yourself see how all that is occurring is meant to lift you higher, meant to reveal to you previously untapped power… this is your road-map to enlightenment.

Alyson Charles