Well + Good: Why Women Are Turning To Energy Healing For A Mind-Body Reboot

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Alyson Charles (AKA Rockstar Shaman)  is one healer who’s seen her public profile skyrocket over the past year. “I regularly partner with luxury hotels and resorts, and I’ve led guided meditations for Art Basel, employees at Bloomingdale’s, and much more,” she says. (Oh, and let’s not forget she’s also writing monthly energy forecasts for Well+Good.)

And she believes that the pace is only going to pick up. “Going forward, you’ll see it becoming more and more the norm to chant, burn palo santo, have your own healer, and go to moon circles. As people and the planet are waking up, we’re returning to the ancient wisdoms that have been around for hundreds of thousands of years.”

Alyson Charles