Your May spirit animal + energy horoscope: embodying your self-esteem with skunk!


Skunk medicine is on its way for May—and it’s all about self-confidence (not smelliness, phew). With this spirit animal (the ultimate IDGAF icon), radiating swagger will be easier than ever, says “RockStar Shaman” Alyson Charles. Here’s her full slate of predictions for the month—plus advice on making skunk energy work for you.

Last month started to take us on a new ride, exposing ways and opportunities for us to lift up and truly live into our new. And the beautiful thing is, that was just the beginning! As we enter into May, we can expect our soul to communicate and unite with us even more. With an energetic activation happening on a cellular level, those of you who are energy-sensitive will most likely begin to feel in a much more heightened way what is “off,” what is a “yes”—as well as when a practice you are doing is really integrating within you, and when a connection with a person is really deep and ancient.

In a nutshell, we are becoming much more highly attuned to what is a match and what is a mismatch and we will feel it within our beings in newer, stronger, clearer, more profound ways. These activations began for me about a month ago, and I can tell you they are so incredibly communicative and spot-on! It is truly something to invite in and embrace.

Our beloved spirit animal for this month, the skunk, will present opportunities for you to really embody your self-esteem more—and that energy naturally radiates out.

On a more earthly tip, one of the messages that channeled in was for you to make focus be your priority this month. I want you to get a piece of paper or your journal out, do some shoulder rolls and relax your jaw and neck, put the bottoms of your feet directly on the floor or ground, close your eyes and do a few centering and clearing breaths, and ask yourself, “What are the four things that are most important to me right now?” And “How do I want this month to feel and be?” Let the answers flow in, then write them down. These are the things your highest self and soul need for you to focus on.

With any opportunities that come in this month—invitations, requests, proposals, etc.—gauge your answers and your willingness to partake based on whether or not they fit into one of the categories on your focus list. And remember, saying no has huge medicinal power in it. You clearly communicate to yourself and to the universe what you are willing to put up with and what you want to

Alyson Charles