Your April spirit animal + energy horoscope: inspiration manifestation with flamingo!


It may not be pool season, but feel free to bust out your inflatable flamingos, because the gorgeous spirit animal is here to help you get clarity (and take action) in April, “RockStar Shaman” Alyson Charles. Here’s her full download on what flaming energy means for you this month. 

March’s medicine was all about allowing our hearts to open more, tapping into an expansiveness and emotions that were previously unexplored there. We do this because our heart center is an integral part of a new paradigm (the new, higher consciousness energy system for Earth life moving forward)—and being heart-led and having our heart intelligence be the main compass for our lives is a necessary ingredient for us to be in alignment with unconditional love, our purpose, and truth.

April now brings forth a few new key components: healthily speaking up for yourself, innovation, and ceasing cycles of victimhood. We’ve officially pivoted to spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and just as the flowers are popping up, so too are opportunities to speak up and have a voice. As the knowingness of who we are has strengthened, we’ll be presented with opportunities to express ourselves, and it may come in some boldly packaged ways.

It’s time to get really clear on what you want to manifest, and the spirit animal for April, the flamingo, will greatly assist you.

This is happening so we can work our new energetic muscles, and have this communication come from the new higher-vibrational alchemy that you’ve built inside. That way, you can have this more love-filled frequency to use in situations where, if you’d had this scenario present itself in the past, maybe you would’ve stifled your voice or not expressed your feelings—or maybe your communication would’ve come from a triggered/fear-based place. Now we will use the voice we’ve been given and aim to speak from a heart-led place (but still be firm, clear and strong if needed).

Another element that’s been occurring, is that some of you may have been feeling a little like your career objectives, goals and even some aspects of who you are have been spinning a bit in space, maybe feeling a little unexpectedly “lost,” like who you are and where it’s all going feels very ephemeral and in April, it’s time to get really clear on what you want to manifest and meditate on new ways for

Alyson Charles