Trusted Ways To Support The Amazon Jungle

A most-trusted non-profit to donate to & do daily prayer with to support the Amazon Rainforest in these time of fire and destruction:

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Alyson works with incredible non-profits, ANIWA & The BOA Foundation which support indigenous culture preservation with a focus on sustainable community solutions, education, and land buy-back initiatives to heal our planet and remaining wilderness areas.

Pictured here with Alyson is Master Shaman and Chief of the Ashaninka Tribe in the Brazilian Amazon, Benki Piyako. Benki is a UN Award-Winning Environmentalist, having planted over two million trees in the Amazon among countless other contributions. Benki is the indigenous spokesperson for ANIWA, the most renowned indigenous healer walking the planet and a personal teacher of Alyson’s.

The founders, of ANIWA and BOA Foundation, Vivien Vilela and Rudy Randy, are stationed in the Amazon with Benki during the fires. Please visit their website to make any kind of monetary contribution that you can and join us in a daily world-wide, collective prayer for rain at the following times:

9:11a LA Time, 11:11 Acre Brasil Time, 12:11 NYC Time, 5:11p London Time, 6:11p Paris Time, 7:11p Moscow Time


Alyson Charles