October: The 800 pound gorilla in the room? That's your spirit animal here to help you be a loving, regal badass


Ready to be brave? This month, you’ve got a big, strong ally in that department because “RockStar Shaman” Alyson Charles is sensing that the gorilla is here. And this spirit animal is here to help you upgrade your whole life. 

Last month was a powerful time of starting to really, truly take significant steps beyond old fear-based story lines in order for us to enter into new ways of feeling and living our lives. And with the rabbit spirit animal’s help, we were able to catch the old patterns quicker, and try our best to make new, elevated decisions that create higher-vibrational patterns for us!

This month, October’s energies are also bringing forth a strong essence of bravery to release old (yet familiar and often very comfortable) ways of being. We can then walk through a portal and birth, getting acclimated to new feelings and new ways inside of us that are a match for the elevated romantic relationships, healthy love bonds, contracts, and careers that we are ready for!

The most potent energetic aspect of October: dropping into the knowingness that our true home is within. And our dear gorilla spirit animal will be with us for this ride.

This particular medicine can be tricky at times, though. The old, familiar patterns have a very sneaky way of luring and calling you back in. Stepping through these portals and truly birthing a new, higher energetic grid inside of you will require bravery, trust, and diligence on your part.

One aspect that may reveal more this month: addictions. And it will be through a deeper revelation, so that you can be more aware and heal. When addictions and aspects of addiction are kept in the dark, they are insidious and harmful. When we bring these aspects of ourselves to the front, into the light, we can then learn how to operate with greater conscious awareness, compassion, and love.

If these expanded awarenesses and light-bulb moments present themselves to you, pause and be loving and present with them. Commit to then living more healthily now that you have an elevated view—these are the hidden gems and miracles that happen when we bravely do this kind of work and look at ourselves more honestly.

October will also bring forward more clarity about who your soul companions are for this lifetime.

October will also bring forward more clarity about who your soul companions are for this lifetime, seeing more clearly their roles as being teachers for you (and you for them). Certain people come together for the main purpose of helping to heal one another, evolve our souls, and open our hearts more.

With this knowledge, you can then better understand why certain things happened the way they did within your relationships. It allows you to have a healthier, more impersonal, and bigger-picture take—and you can see that you came together to rise, even though sometimes our human side may wish things had happened differently. Learning to discern who your soul companions are lets you really experience all aspects of these relationships with grand reverence, honor, and gratitude for it all.

As if all that wasn’t enough, perhaps the most potent energetic aspect of October is that we’re dropping into the knowingness that our true home is within. As we bravely unshackle our own hearts and open them more and more to others, the great unexpected medicine miracle that occurs is that we then, in that sweet vulnerability, land in the true, deep love that we have for ourselves. Really embodying this aspect of Earth life may have previously felt a bit elusive, but

Alyson Charles