Summer of

spirit school

For those who are ready to step through a gateway into an entirely up-leveled way of being and feeling in life!

Are you ready to FINALLY give yourself permission to step into a way of living where you feel liberated? A way of being that lets you finally dare to shine your joy, bright light and big authentic power out into the world without the debilitating fear of what others might say or think about you finally being your TRUE, brightest, best self?!

You’ve been wanting to connect deeper with your power and Great Spirit but you haven’t found the total steady discipline or daily practices that feel right… you are READY for a powerful container and a guide to assist you with your ASCENSION!

Stepping into an enhanced version of yourself that has opened up your spiritual gifts,  having healthier relationships, given you permission to let go of old stress, internal blocks and pain, to activate & unlock ancient wisdom and huge power inside of you that will show you why you incarnated this lifetime + how you can be most abundant WHILE making a positive impact on the world!

If your soul lit up while reading the above, if you felt a light, spark or fire ignite inside of you or a resounding YES when answering any of the above questions…

Summer of Spirit School is for YOU

and it is time!

We will begin in July and I will only be accepting 2 more people into this group!

How Summer of Spirit School works:

  1. You will meet live with me as a group online 2 X a month for 3 months!

  2. Additionally, throughout the entire three months of Summer of Spirit School, when we aren’t gathering live, you will be sent all sorts of incredible guided practices, guided meditations, spiritual homework, guided Shamanic journeys for you to immerse into etc. straight to your inbox!

  3. I will also be checking in with you regularly to see where you are thriving and where you may be noticing any blocks coming up for us to blast you through


And I am your guide through your Ascension process!!

Here are just Some of the topics you will immerse into with me!

  • Liberating yourself from old suffering/blocks

  • which spiritual ability/gift wants to emerge more

  • Spirit Animal Guides! I will take you on a guided shamanic journey for you to meet your core power animal and receive answers & energetic blessings

  • How to see auras and what message they have for you

  • How to courageously keep growing your light, power and authenticity

  • embodying grounded, strong self-confidence!

  • how to really be present to the miracles of life and enjoy the journey of evolving

  • Past Life guided meditation where you reclaim so much power for this lifetime, put puzzle pieces together, unite more with your soul which gives you more confidence, strength, peace & understanding of your life purpose

  • Open your intuition so you are in flow with your highest self + the Universe

  • Manifesting with greater efficiency and ease

  • Energetic blessings and transmissions for healing

  • Personalized channeled messages + guidance for you

  • Trusting yourself more

  • New / Full Moon guided practices, rituals + meditations

  • Connecting more in a direct way with Source (Great Spirit, God, Universe) & Great Mother Earth – this connection and communication allows you to be stable, centered and in your power no matter what waves get thrown your way

IMG_7610 (1).JPG

No matter where you are at on the spiritual path,

whether this is your very first step or you’ve been walking it for years – this 3-month journey will transform you! Healthier power, connections to self & others, relationships, self-worth and esteem, purpose, & career

Your Guides & power inside have been waiting for YOU to be ready…. are you?

It is taking a step like this, getting set up for Summer of Spirit School, that shows both yourself and Universe your clear decision to step into more of who you truly are.

 And Universe honors you for taking these steps in

BIG ways!

It is through living this lifestyle & immersing in the very practices I will be sharing with you that unlocked me living a life FAR beyond what I EVER knew was possible!

I’ve been able to be in complete alignment with my calling, continuous expansion of my gifts, sharing about Shamanism, Mysticism, teaching & traveling ALL around the world, partnering with many of the biggest brands on the planet to elevate global consciousness (Forbes, The NY Times, Marie Claire Magazine, POPSUGAR, HBO, Oprah Magazine, Art Basel, Barneys NY, etc.) and beyond blessed to learn from and share space with many of the most renowned indigenous wisdom keepers, elders and spiritual teachers on the planet… all because of my dedication to the practices I am sharing with YOU in Summer of Spirit School

I cannot wait for your EVOLUTION and ELEVATION!

Stop waiting for your magic! It’s up to YOU to decide! Make this the summer you FINALLY commit to your spiritual practice with SUMMER OF SPIRIT SCHOOL!

We start this month! Late July!

And I will only be bringing in 2 more people to join the group!

As a BONUS, you will also be a part of my private facebook group and receive my Spirit Animal e-book that’s filled with additional knowledge and practices to amplify your Divine power.

Imagine feeling activated & empowered by September! Taking your life, career and relationships to new heights! Awakened to a NEW you.

Join Summer of Spirit School for just $997 or two payments of $498

A portion of your enrollment goes to support non-profit BOA Foundation- directly supporting the preservation of indigenous wisdom traditions and remaining wilderness of our planet.

*As soon as you enroll with payment you will receive a welcome email with further details to get ready for Summer of Spirit School… starting soon!

*certain scholarship exceptions may be made. If you feel deeply called to experience this program but are unable to reach this payment amount, email info@alysoncharles.tv

Alyson is an empowered female leader who walks her talk and most importantly, inspires and uplifts others to do the same!”
— Sahara Rose, 2X Best-Selling Author and Host of Highest Self Podcast
Alyson’s unique combination of superpowers within both subtle and material worlds is unparalleled. Lucky for us, she uses it to help clients remove inner obstacles to being seen on a Cosmic Level, and combines it with her expert knowledge of the media world to make it all happen in the Earth realm. I’ve had a chance to experience both parts of this work, and all I can say is... WOW!
— Ksenia Avdulova, Founder of Breakfast Criminals, Crystal Criminals and Host of Woke and Wired
Alyson Charles is a creative genius and a spontaneous explorer diving into the human psyche to discover what makes us tick on a soul level. With her wit and charm, coupled with shamanic power and knowledge of pop culture, she masterfully merges the worlds of intellect and spirit with grace and beauty.
— Shaman Durek, Third Generation Shaman and Host of Ancient Wisdom Today

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