Alyson has taken her entire lifetime of work as a nat'l champion athlete, Division I college coach, studies in metaphysics, PR, advertising, and telecommunications, #1-rated hip-hop radio host, television producer and development producer for major networks, daytime television talk show host, journalist for many top-rated outlets and countless immersions in shamanism and mysticism with renowned ancestral leaders and indigenous elders and launched a world-first, SHAMANIC MEDIA

“It has been the most profound experience for me to see even deeper levels of why I am here on Earth, combining ALL I've learned, and working with clients to:

  • Release fears and blocks around being seen

  • Learn how to properly create and launch your own podcasts

  • Get mind-blowing PR for your service or brand (I'm talking, clients in SELF, SHAPE, landing columns in national magazines, appearing on #1-rated podcasts & so much more)

  • Learn how to really step up your game in on-camera interviews

  • Get answers, direction, clarity & ideas around a brand or service you want to launch or your established brand

  • Get your work or writing published on award-winning websites

  • Get your very own global retreats, talks and events booked & set up

  • Products and major brand collaborations

  • Stepping your social media exposure up

  • ALL while growing massively on the inside...”

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Shamanic Media is about Letting your true authentic self, the ideas and gifts you're most passionate about and feelings of liberation, freedom and fulfillment begin to THRIVE

There has never been a program like this!

Shamanic Media is truly an entire culmination of all of Alyson’s greatest teachings, lessons, experiences and expertise all rolled into one.

To be able to serve you and share everything she’s learned in creating her own global media empire based in mysticism is her greatest gift.

You can join Shamanic Media and finally get out to the world the medicine inside you, that you came to Earth to share.  


Alyson is here to share, step-by-step, all the secrets she’s learned and empower you throughout the entire process.