Alyson Charles

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Imagine that each day, as you open your eyes, your heart fills you with fulfillment, peace and warmth and you feel such inspiration and liberation because you can do anything you want – you have complete freedom over your life and schedule.

A life where you are FREE to travel, relax, be of service to the world in the ways that are most meaningful to you, check things off your bucket list… let your intuition & feelings guide you, and do whatever feels best for your soul!

The best part – this lifestyle is yours to have!



It’s been my GREATEST joy creating a life where I can go, be, do, create, feel, accomplish, be of service with ANYTHING I want EVERY DAY.

But it wasn’t always this way! Before stepping into operating my own business and onto the Path to Freedom I worked for other people, and had to adhere to a work schedule assigned to me.


worthy of great abundance

But MY SOUL WANTED MORE and deep down I knew I was worthy of it! And because my life DID finally shift into one of being my own boss, calling the shots, aligning with Universe for what’s best for me and experiencing passive income, I can truly say that I am completely filled with GRATITUDE EVERY SINGLE DAY for that fresh breath of PURE liberation, abundance and power that my life now has.



In my work, I come across many beautiful souls like yourself who similarly want the freedom of owning your own business, without restrictions, without any overhead costs, without risk and start-up capital that launching your own business typically takes.

On top of that you are a lightworker, you are someone who knows you have a greater purpose and calling for being here and it’s vital that your work has meaning and substance, and that it’s creating positive change for the world!


And I’m here to tell you that you can have it ALl!

A business that really inspires + excites you – everyday!! A business where you are in charge and you are also blessed with incredible, highest world-class leaders mentoring and supporting you every step of the way - encouraging your financial abundance and growth!


Work that doesn’t feel like work because you are helping people, you are honoring & Giving back to the planet,

you are supporting various cultures & developing countries all around the world,

you are teaching and inspiring others, & you are thriving in passive income!


It’s not about being lucky and no, this lifestyle is not for “that other person over there,” this LIFESTYLE can be yours. RIGHT NOW.

I am living, breathing proof that you CAN have it all and myself, along with some of the most inspiring world wellness leaders and entrepreneurs, are here to show you, STEP-BY-STEP, how living in financial freedom while doing good for the planet can be yours too!

Waking up whenever you want… taking sacred time to do the morning practices that nurture your heart & being

Accepting invitations to take life-changing trips and vacations around the world, and connecting with who and what you want EVERY DAY.

Total. Freedom.

And this opportunity, right here before you, can make ALL of this possible.


I want to honestly share with you how i did it:

Growing up I was always taught that life was supposed to look a certain way – that you’d go to school, then work for someone else, then retire.


These constricted ideas were so set in me, I never opened myself up to the possibility that I could be my own boss, have the schedule I wanted each day and provide products and services that would not only help myself thrive but help anyone across the world and those I love the most thrive too!


Now, even though I was working for other people I did have some really cool jobs.  After being a national champion athlete and college scholarship athlete for the University of Alabama I was an advanced certified personal trainer, Division I college coach, #1-rated hip-hop radio host and daytime television talk show host

And while these roles were exciting and fulfilling to a certain degree – there was an EVEN DEEPER YEARNING & TRUTH INSIDE ME that knew there was for something so off-the-charts amazing waiting for me!


But what was it?

During my time in television is when I had my awakening

My experience of being cracked open to the truth of myself, life and the Universe happened very instantaneously and unexpectedly one day

And after that moment in time, everything changed. EVERYTHING.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 12.26.26 PM.png

I was beginning to be guided

I was clearly shown the people and experiences that would keep leading me to truly knowing, loving, healing and honoring myself… AND MY CALLING CAME ALIVE…

Now, having the realization that I am here to be a very public modern mystic and shamanic practitioner was big, but on top of that, I was simultaneously thrust into entrepreneurship!

If I were to continue heeding soul and Universal guidance, that meant being my own brand and bringing mysticism to the masses and mainstream and I needed to figure out how

So I did it


only problem was…

I was always working. The beginning ways in which my business and brand were functioning – they were ways that was always requiring ME to be there. I had to be physically present in order to get paid.

It has been my absolute greatest honor to align with my calling, but having to wear so many hats as an entrepreneur AND healer were taking a huge toll!

In order to find my way, get paid and get my work to those who needed it I was doing non-stop live, public events for three years straight. Producing them, creative directing them, establishing sponsors and high-level locations, developing partnerships, negotiating deal after deal after deal.

And then I would also need to show up as the shaman! And deliver the Divine messages and energies that wanted to conduct through me to those in attendance!

It was too much.

Exhaustion was happening, burn out was creeping in, overwhelm and stress would take away from the joy I should’ve been experiencing, and nerves would take center stage with having to tend to so many details for each session or event

Sure, my work was being recognized by some of the most respected and biggest global publications and people on the planet, but I was barely getting by – physically or financially 

And once again, deep down inside, I knew there had to be another way, a BETTER way to share my calling, healing medicine and Divine power with the world


Passive income began to

change my life.

I would not have been able to write my book, decide to pick up and go spend months at a time with family across the country, travel to Bali, Africa, PERU, Grand Cayman, France, Italy, live bi-coastally between NYC and LA, spend as much time each and every day on my own sacred, spiritual growth and practices, give to the foundations + charities i am called to, if it wasn’t for this new financial way of life with passive/residual income.

803C56A7-7828-4780-9924-9F14C382EFD3 (1).jpg

This lifestyle change has been just as impactful as my awakening and alignment into my calling -

It has taught me that I am worth it

It has taught me that in receiving wealth and abundance for myself I am LESS selfish because I have more to share with the world

It has taught me that financial freedom has the word FREEDOM in it because it is totally empowering and LIBERATING

It has taught me that I CAN DO IT MYSELF, that I don’t need someone else to provide for me

That I am a savvy, smart, independent, powerful business woman who does amazing things for people and the planet 




As healing, wellness and spiritual work continues to grow every day on the planet, I’ve seen time and time again that healers, experts, coaches, empaths are so innately skilled at GIVING but lack strength and skills when it comes to RECEIVING


Because our gifts involve being of-service, we have to focus EVEN MORE on reminding ourselves that

abundance is our birthright

and that allowing yourself to be prosperous IS spirituality



By YOU living in this financially freeing way, you are giving others permission to step into their power too!

That your financial freedom is a practice that truly serves the planet – that your wealth + abundance is making everyone better off and the world a better place!

Because you are in alignment with the foundation of your being, the core, root, fundamental lesson for our existence… self love and self honor… which is THE VITAL piece that allows you to love and honor all others.

Let me answer a few questions for you 

In order to step into the Path to Freedom, you: 

Do not need to have an already functioning business

Do not need to know the exact next steps to take (we will show you!)

Do not need to be a healer, coach or creative (this path is for EVERYONE – mothers, salon owners, podcast hosts, teachers, dog walkers – anyone!)

Do not need anything except the belief in yourself that you are worthy of a more expanded, freeing lifestyle

The best part – this is completely up to you. And having this lifestyle is your choice!


How can this be?

Because you will be mentored by not only myself, but also best-selling author and #1-rated podcast host of Highest Self Sahara Rose, and conscious couple: best-selling author Melissa Ambrosini and prolific entrepreneur and musician Nick Broadhurst. And you will be plugged straight in to a reverse engineered a million dollar business.

I have been dear friends with soul sister Sahara Rose for years, we’ve been incredibly supportive and empowering of each other’s careers, goals and lives

I’ve been on her podcast, Highest Self, she’s been on my tv show, Soul Reboot, we’ve traveled to the Blue Ridge Mountains together and done a 3-week long panchakarma cleanse, laughed, danced and cried together

And aside from her generous spirit and incredibly kind heart, she has one of the most brilliant business minds I’ve ever known 

So when she approached me to tell me that soul family- Musician & Brilliant business man Nick Broadhurst and best-selling author Melissa Ambrosini had been involved with working with the healing power of plants through a company that is sustainable and that Nick had traveled to Nepal with doTERRA to teach women about female hygiene education and learn about herbs from the farmers, i felt an energetic surge move through me.

Nick & melissa learned everything their soul sister, Tara Bliss, had done to become a 7-figure powerhouse with this biz

and created a program for US to plug straight into so we could do the same!

On top of all of this, the company’s name…”doTERRA”… means “Gifts of the Earth.”

my soul activated and I listened.

I had already been working with plant medicines and their incredible healing powers via essential oils my entire life!


As a television host and wellness expert

I began sharing about essential oils years ago! Going on shows to talk about their healing powers, using them for aromatherapy and self-care practices and always received such rave reviews from viewers who wanted to know more!


And I had already been incorporating them into my mysticism work…

sold-out events, guided meditations and daily life… and you’re now telling me I can partner with my friends and an amazing company that gives back to Mother Earth and cultures all over the world PLUS live in juicy financial abundance all while using the same oils I’d always used?

Sign. Me. UP!!

If you aren’t familiar with doTERRA, they are the purest essential oils in the world, with heart, values and true integrity. They are the only Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, with transparent to the public third party testing.


Not a DROP of pesticides goes into a bottle of doTERRA and you can track each and every bottle to see exactly where it was sourced.


In fact, it’s so clean that many of the oils are EDIBLE, making them incredible for healing tonics and elixirs.

Personally, I noticed a massive difference when I switched to doTERRA —

Only a few drops of oil would make my entire house smell like magic (whereas before I’d go through a whole bottle in weeks and still barely have a fragrance!) The fact that I can even EAT IT shows that it is extremely pure + safe.

I’ve now learned that these oils are so much more than just a fragrance or even taste but they truly

elevate your vibration.

They are scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and more, and now even many hospitals are diffusing them!


Many high-end stores use doTERRA essential oils to set the vibe in the store, whether it’s joy or passion or creativity. I diffuse specific ones when I’m writing, others when I’m relaxing, others when I’m waking up and they aid me along the way.

They honestly give me new life and make me feel like I’m on vacation from home!

The more pure the essential oil, the more powerful the results.


Beyond incredible products, doTERRA has an unwavering commitment to the farmers and growers who bring us these botanical beauties (many of whom live in developing countries, and whose entire families and communities are supported by their partnership with doTERRA).

They support a culture of empowerment, called collaborative business— everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what their life looks like, can benefit from this extraordinary business model.

This is the opposite of the competitive, step-on-the-person-next-to-you-toe’s businesses we’ve been trained to be part of

 This is a culture of EVERYONE raising one another up 


The founders of doTERRA wanted to spread word of these oils, so instead of paying for big advertisement agencies, they decided to give that money to the consumer.

That means they pay YOU for sharing the oils, instead of spending money on ads. This means you get to get PAID for sharing these incredible botanical beauties!


our mentors Melissa + Nick

saw the incredible opportunity to work with these oils and saw that what confuses a lot of people is the business model. People join the company, then don’t know what to do next, and quit.

So they reverse engineered Tara’s 7-figure doTERRA business and created a mentorship program that teaches you step-by-step how to create the exact same business for yourself.



Introducing Path to Freedom

This opportunity is for YOU. It’s for anyone who wants to combine health + wealth. You can choose your own adventure, anywhere from just sharing the oils with a few friends and getting your own oils paid for. Or you can earn some major money by hosting classes, sharing on social media and teaching people about the oils each month!


You will get the most out of this opportunity and this incredible Path to Freedom training if you are someone who wants to dive right in and can see themselves within the next year quitting their full-time job to pursue their heart’s calling because they are fully supported by the revenue they’ve created in this business. 

In fact, we have many people on the Path to Freedom team who have quit their full-time jobs because they are 100% supported by their doTERRA business.

We call this “freeing” a person, and Nick + Melissa have “freed” both of their parents, allowing them to fully retire!!

Imagine how incredible it would be if you could allow your parents, husband or YOURSELF to retire, so you can spend your time doing what you love!?

Path to Freedom teaches you exactly how.


You will be guided step-by-step on exactly what you need to make this opportunity work for you and what doesn’t  

It is the roadmap that will amplify this opportunity

and the ONLY doTERRA team that provides it…

hence why we are one of the fastest growing doTERRA teams in the world!!

The beauty is, this business fits in the cracks of your time, so you can begin your transition to freedom

EXACTLY where you are today, RIGHT NOW.

Here is a sneak peak of what you’ll get in Path to Freedom

  1. Planning your doTERRA journey and identifying the people you’d most like to ‘free’—your besties, your mom, your husband!

  2. How to set goals that give you goosebumps (and the bad-ass scheduling tools that’ll help you reach ‘em)

  3. The best way to start sharing your passion with family and friends (and the awesome strategy to get them interested and excited)

  4. How to prep for your oil classes — including scoring an invite, the exact scripts to send to potential hosts, minimizing no-shows, and how to turn one session into many!

  5. EXACTLY how to lead your own essential oils session (including an hour-long Masterclass on how Tara and Melissa host their classes, the secret weapon that unlocks sales, and how to ‘close’ your class like a goddess)

  6. Delicious recipes (and other oily goodies) for you to share with your tribe like my Essential Oils for Your Super Powers E-book— (we’ve done all the hard work for you!)

  7. Master the art of soulful selling (so you can lovingly inspire your tribe to shift into “Hell yes!” mode)

  8. How to attract and nurture an exceptionOIL team (and how to structure it so you can ALL rank advance)

  9. How to build an abundant and stable ‘tree’ within doTERRA, so that you can maximize your compensation. There is nothing like this training anywhere — Nick and Melissa have truly nailed it, and we’re SO lucky (worthy) to have their insights.

  10. All your tricky questions answered — including how to deal with doubters, how to get your partner on board, and how to explain your oily obsession to others ;)

  11. Monthly live strategy calls with Sahara and me—I’ll be mentoring you and answering any of your questions, like how to use social media to build your business, how the oils work with meditations, healing rituals, shamanism, spirit animals, adapting an abundance mindset, overcoming mental blocks and more! This is my time to serve YOU!

  12. Access to our monthly group Mastering Your Mindset sessions with Melissa Ambrosini and Empowered Leadership calls with Nick Broadhurst  (this is the ONLY way to be mentored by both Melissa and Nick)

  13. Access to our monthly group Momentum Sessions — where we’ll dissect the strategies and mindset that go into creating a passion fueled lifestyle biz (this is like having access to a high-end motivational mastermind, for free!) and take action right there and then to build your biz together.

  14. Membership in our exclusive Path to Freedom Facebook group — the four of us will be hanging out in these sacred spaces to share our insights, answer your questions, and cheer you on!!

Plus So. Much. More...



Sahara created an “Essential Oils to Heal Your Doshas” E-Book and my “Essential Oils for Your Super Powers” E-Book will have information on how to do Power Practices that work with these magical plant medicines in rituals and meditations designed to awaken your abundance and amazingness!

Yours FREE for joining Path to Freedom!


Quite simply, there is NO other program out there like this.

This is the most foolproof, no-brainer, time-freeing system out there because it’s filled with tools and templates directly taken from a 7-figure business.


 You can rest assured — it WILL work if… you show up fully, at whiplash speed.

I’ve personally watched Melissa and Nick reach the Blue Diamond level (average annual income of $438,000) in just 11 months from joining!

We will teach you exactly how to do the same!

The guess-work is done. All you have to do is plug-in and play!

Imagine what having an extra 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k, 500k a year could do to your life 

What is the first thing you’ll change? 

Your house?

Your job?

Your kid’s school?

Your parents’ living circumstances?

Pay off your loans/ debt?

Invest in your business?

Finally visit the countries off your bucket list?

Support a cause close to your heart?


The choice is yours, my dear. You deserve it and you can have it.


“But, umm…. I don’t know if network marketing is for me?!”


I had this same hesitation at first too and I'm SO THRILLED and proud that I overcame this limiting belief!

The truth is, you’re already a network marketer. In fact, we all are.

When you recommend your favorite tea, your swear-by face serum, that must-see Netflix series…that is network marketing. You are marketing to your network.

And they were most likely extremely grateful for the recommendation! In fact, it is MORE authentic because it is coming from a person they trust! 

Now imagine if you got a commission for that tea, serum or show that you genuinely love! It's a win-win!

You are sharing a product that you love and believe in and are honoring the planet and promoting natural health while being compensated for it! 

Unlike other companies, there are no monthly minimums and you can quit anytime. You can even outearn the person who referred you! There is total freedom in this model.


We call this collaborative marketing.

Everyone on the team has your back and genuinely wants you to succeed.

Unlike the traditional business where if one person got a raise, that means others would not, in collaborative marketing, we all win.

I, Melissa, Nick + others will be sharing with you my secrets + tips because I genuinely want you to win and create freedom.

That's what I love about this approach.

I've worked by myself for many years & it feels Soooo good to be supported by a team!

When you join our team, you are truly coming into company with some of the highest-vibration, brilliant, business-savvy souls ON THE PLANET.

Since joining I have been FILLED with inspiration and excitement - this business EXPANDS you and your life! It’s incredibly energizing and FUN!

doTERRA is genuinely an incredible product (the ONLY certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils!) that is changing the world and the lives of people in both developing and developed countries (just check out their Healing Hands organization and the ethics of the oils).

Rather than paying for advertisement, they are paying US to be their ambassadors and giving us the opportunity to create true freedom with this model. 

When network marketing is done with love and integrity, there is no more powerful business model!!

Let's replace the ads, drop the old paradigm beliefs and give the power back to the people!


Now before you sign up, I want you to know

This opportunity is NOT for everyone. Before we go into business together, we have to make sure we’re a good fit.

This is not for you if…

1.     You already have an active (your existing account has been used in the last 6 months) doTERRA account. If that’s the case, your existing position and your existing team above you are the perfect people to continue to guide you.

2. You’re not someone who takes action. Collaborative business rewards those who show up and give generously. If you’re looking for a silver bullet or a free ride, this isn’t the right place.

3.     You’re easily derailed by comparison. There are going to be inspiring souls all around you hitting goals and kicking butt. If that kind of thing inspires the pants off you, you’re in the right place. But if it makes you want to curl up in a ball of judgement and comparison, I suggest a different path.

We teach you the path. YOU still have to walk it.

This opportunity is MADE for you if...

  1. You love honoring Mother Earth and sharing the incredible plant medicines she creates for healing and the world.

  2. You’re genuinely excited about going into business. The passion has to be there!

  3. You love to collaborate. This isn’t a solo business. It’s all about connecting with others!

  4. You desire a life of freedom — freedom in your income, your time, your lifestyle, your wellbeing, all of it. This desire is what will fuel you. 

  5. You’re a self-starter. You’re willing to show up and do the work. You know that your success is a reflection of the effort you put into this business.

  6. You can handle people saying no. (At the beginning, you will be confronted by them! This is your warrior training to make you STRONGER, MORE CONFIDENT, CLEARER  and  WISER). 

  7. You love celebrating others — you know there is more than enough to go around and you celebrate others’ wins as YOUR wins 

  8. You love these oils! You can’t wait to share them with your friends, family and get a group together and host a workshop or share on socials!


My heart-filled guarantee

Like everything in life, you’ll only get out of this program what you put into it. We'll be there to support you all the way, but (of course) I can’t guarantee you the same results. That part comes from showing up, doing the work, and staying the course! That said, we want you to feel amazing about investing in yourself. doTERRA offers an industry leading Returns Policy, so if you give the oils a go and decide it's not for you, simply get in touch with the amazing team at doTERRA to organize a *full refund or credit (depending on how long it has been since you purchased).

So my love, if this opportunity speaks to you, and you’re ready to say YES to a life of abundance, health and freedom, for you, your loved ones, and the planet, then I’d LOVE you to join our team!